For everything, there is a Season, but for H.R Solution there is Satyam

Satyam Consult, a prominent Recruitment Consultant in the field of H.R Solution has been providing the Job Placement Services to the Job Seekers at no cost. The Recruitment Consultants at Satyam believe in burning the midnight oil. We have been working through thick and thin to ensure proper Job Placement Service to the potential candidates.

“Satyam’s foremost objective is to provide Job Placement to the job seekers without charging anything in return.”
- Satyam Nayi, Founder

What We Believe

Today, H.R Solution has become so competitive that diversification has become necessary to fill the pockets. But Satyam truly believes in one of the oldest proverb, “Jack of all trades master of none”. Satyam focuses only on H.R Solution Services. Job Placement Services for Potential Candidates without any cost is the anthem of Satyam Consult.

It has developed a job placement search engine tailored to simplify the job search for job hunters and apply to the worthy jobs. “Virtue is its own reward”, Satyam aims at becoming Gujarat’s one and only one Recruitment Consultant firm that provides job placement to the Candidates without seeking anything in return.

Our Mission

We aim to work our fingers at the bone in helping the job seekers to get the right job without spending a penny. Our principal focus is on facilitating the job search, hassle-free and delectable for you.

Our Vision

Satyam believes that the three words “SET, SLOG, SUCCEED” has been and will be its main pillars. In the long run, our pillars will eventually help us to gain grounds in H. R Solutions.